Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ingredients :

Minapappu / Urad dal - 1cup
Idly rava - 2cups
Salt - 1tsp

  • Wash and soak dal and rava saperately for alteast 6 hrs . Over night is even better .
  • Drain the water from the dal and grind  it until if froms like pancake batter by adding water little by little.
  • Now drain the rava and squeeze out the water from the rava completely and gring it until the consistency of pancake batter .(don't add any water while grindingg the rava becasuse it already absorbed lot of water )

  • Now mix both the grinded dal and rava mixture and place it in warm place to femant it for atleast 8 hours or over night .
  • Fermented batter contains bubbles like this.(you can see lot of bubbles on top of the batter)
  • Now add 1tsp of salt to the batter and mix well.

  • Put the idly pot on the medium flame and pour some water into it .(not more than 1/2" from the bottom)
  • Meanwhile take the idly  plates and appy oil to each mould and place batter in each mould .

  • Carefully place the plates in to the idly pot and close the lid .
  • Now increase the heat to high . when u see steam comming out , reduce the heat to low and let till cook  for 10 minutes . After 10 minutes switch off the flame and let it cool for some time .

  • Open the lid and care fully . Here are my perfectly cooked idlyes

       Carefully remove the idlyes from the plates with spoon.

                              Let me see which combination i like most
                               idly with sambar / idly with allam pachadi
                     serve idly with sambar / allam chutney /coconut chutney / karam with ghee......
             -   I did idly in pressure cooker .
             -  To do idly i pressure cooker you should take off the whistle(weight) while cooking.
             - You should use gascut while cooking .(only weight should be removed).
             - My rava is very course so i grinded rava . If your rava is very fine then you can add soaked       rava to the grinded dal .
             - For fermenting the batter i put the batter in the oven or even can put in the mocrowave.


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