Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whole wheat banana carrot pancakes

MY sunday morning breakfast whole wheat banana carot pancakes .


Whole wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Egg - 1
Banana - 1 medium
Carrot - 1 small
Brown sugar - 1 tsp
Milk - 1/4cup
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
vanilla -1/4 tsp
Ground cinnamon - 1/4 tsp
Ground ginger - 1/4 tsp
Oil/butter - 1tsp

  • Mash the banana into fine paste by using fork and crack the egg into it and beat it well until egg and banana is well mixed .

  • Add finely greated carrot to the banana mixture .

  • Add the ground cinnamon , ground ginger ,vanilla , brown sugar and oil to the banana mixture and mix it well.

  • In a saperate bowl take wheat flour and add baking powder to it and mix well .

  • Now add the wheat flour mixture to the  banana mixture and mix it well by adding milk to it.(start by adding 1 tbs of milk) now the pancake batter is ready .

  • Heat a skillet / griddle on medium flame . when the skillet is hot(not very hot) pour the laddle full of batter in to the skillet (don't add any oil to the skillet)

  • let it cook for 1 minute or until the bubbles form on the sides of pancake .( This indicate that pancake is ready to flip) Another way to know is just check the bottom part of the pan cake . If the bottom  turns  colour  to light brown then it is read y to flip .

  • Now carefully flip the pancake and let it cook another side for a minute .
  • Repeat it until all the batter is done .
  • Can make 4 big size pancakes with this batter.

  • serve pancakes with maple syrup and butter or with honey .
      - Over ripe banana will do the best.
      - If you are using butter in the batter , melt the butter and add it to the batter .
      - Use a big spatula to flip the pancake so that you get perfect round pancakes.
      - Brown sugar  can be substituted with regular white sugar .
      - For measuring I used the measuring cups not the rice cup .
      - If the batter is thick add some milk or if it is thin add some wheat flour to the batter .


  1. wooow!!!!!!!!looks so delicious...

  2. Replies
    1. I made these adding raisins and omitting the sugar for my 2-year-old. Delicious and healthy! Thank you!