Sunday, January 31, 2010

lnstant lemonade

  Here is my 10 posts
this is the first achievement and progress of my blog
cheers to all !!!


Fresh lemons juice - 1part
Sugar - 3 parts
Water - 1 part
  • Start by sqeezing the juice from lemons . (here is easy trick to extart all juice from lemons)
  • Press lemon with palm by rolling it  or microwave it for 15 secs . (i did both)

  • Cut all the lemons into halfs , extract  juice and strain the juice to take off the pith .

    • Now measure the strained juice .
    • Take sugar 3 times the measurement of lemon juice and water equal measurement of lemon juice .

    • In sauce pot add measured sugar , water and bring it to boil . Now it turns in to sugar syrup .

    • The syrup should be in single sring consisteny .

    • Take it off from the flame and let it cool .
    • To the cooled sugar syrup add  lemon juice .

    • Now instant lemonade is ready , transfer it to a bottle and store it in refrigerator .

    • To serve - put some ice cubes in glass ,add 1 part of the instant lemonade mix to 3 parts of water .

          - Use fresh lemon juice . Never use store brought lemon juice .
          - Don't put lemons in mocerwave for  more than 15 -20 secs , if not they will pop in the microwave.
          - You can always adjust sugar according to your taste . If you like it tart add less sugar .
          - Use clean bottle with tight cap .
          - Instant lemonade can be stored in refrigerator more that 3 months .



    1. Congrats on ur 10 th post...healthy lemonade,,I never tried this method, it so simple and store for long time....Nice recipe Sandhya...

    2. try this recipe
      sure you like it
      thanks for the wishes swapna .

    3. Hey guntur traditions. thnx for visiting n commenting in my blog...hope 2 c u agn...u hv a nice blog with yummy recipes...this lemonade luks very inviting...nice way of preparing, thnx for sharing, vl make it surely now.I am following ur blog so that i can track all ur future recipes and comment on them.