Sunday, January 31, 2010

lnstant lemonade

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Fresh lemons juice - 1part
Sugar - 3 parts
Water - 1 part
  • Start by sqeezing the juice from lemons . (here is easy trick to extart all juice from lemons)
  • Press lemon with palm by rolling it  or microwave it for 15 secs . (i did both)

  • Cut all the lemons into halfs , extract  juice and strain the juice to take off the pith .

    • Now measure the strained juice .
    • Take sugar 3 times the measurement of lemon juice and water equal measurement of lemon juice .

    • In sauce pot add measured sugar , water and bring it to boil . Now it turns in to sugar syrup .

    • The syrup should be in single sring consisteny .

    • Take it off from the flame and let it cool .
    • To the cooled sugar syrup add  lemon juice .

    • Now instant lemonade is ready , transfer it to a bottle and store it in refrigerator .

    • To serve - put some ice cubes in glass ,add 1 part of the instant lemonade mix to 3 parts of water .

          - Use fresh lemon juice . Never use store brought lemon juice .
          - Don't put lemons in mocerwave for  more than 15 -20 secs , if not they will pop in the microwave.
          - You can always adjust sugar according to your taste . If you like it tart add less sugar .
          - Use clean bottle with tight cap .
          - Instant lemonade can be stored in refrigerator more that 3 months .


    Dibba rotti / Savoury pancake


    Idly batter - 1cup
    Onion - 1small
    Green chill - 1
    Oil - 1tsp
    •  Finely chop onion and green chilly and add it to idly batter and mix well.

    • Heat  griddle on medium flame .
    • When griddle is hot , rub it with onion piece so that dibba rotti comes off easliy .

    • Now add some oil , heat it for few secs and pour batter on top of it
    • Now spread it in circular motion  with laddle  (make sure to spread it evenly  ) .

    • Cover with lid and let it cook for 2 minutes ( when the edges turn brown then it is done)

    • Flip it and let it cook for another 2 minutes uncovered .

      • serve dibba rotti with allam chutney / coconut chutney / peanut chutney.
                This recipe will make 2 medium dibba rottis .

           - You can also make dibba rotti upto 1" thick . For thicker dibba rotti
              it is better to make it in  skillet .
           - If you like coriander leaves / cilantro , add it by chopping it finely .

      Whole wheat banana carrot pancakes

      MY sunday morning breakfast whole wheat banana carot pancakes .


      Whole wheat flour - 1/2 cup
      Egg - 1
      Banana - 1 medium
      Carrot - 1 small
      Brown sugar - 1 tsp
      Milk - 1/4cup
      Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
      vanilla -1/4 tsp
      Ground cinnamon - 1/4 tsp
      Ground ginger - 1/4 tsp
      Oil/butter - 1tsp

      • Mash the banana into fine paste by using fork and crack the egg into it and beat it well until egg and banana is well mixed .

      • Add finely greated carrot to the banana mixture .

      • Add the ground cinnamon , ground ginger ,vanilla , brown sugar and oil to the banana mixture and mix it well.

      • In a saperate bowl take wheat flour and add baking powder to it and mix well .

      • Now add the wheat flour mixture to the  banana mixture and mix it well by adding milk to it.(start by adding 1 tbs of milk) now the pancake batter is ready .

      • Heat a skillet / griddle on medium flame . when the skillet is hot(not very hot) pour the laddle full of batter in to the skillet (don't add any oil to the skillet)

      • let it cook for 1 minute or until the bubbles form on the sides of pancake .( This indicate that pancake is ready to flip) Another way to know is just check the bottom part of the pan cake . If the bottom  turns  colour  to light brown then it is read y to flip .

      • Now carefully flip the pancake and let it cook another side for a minute .
      • Repeat it until all the batter is done .
      • Can make 4 big size pancakes with this batter.

      • serve pancakes with maple syrup and butter or with honey .
            - Over ripe banana will do the best.
            - If you are using butter in the batter , melt the butter and add it to the batter .
            - Use a big spatula to flip the pancake so that you get perfect round pancakes.
            - Brown sugar  can be substituted with regular white sugar .
            - For measuring I used the measuring cups not the rice cup .
            - If the batter is thick add some milk or if it is thin add some wheat flour to the batter .

      Saturday, January 30, 2010

      Idly batter

      Minapappu / urad dal -1cup
      idly rava - 2cups
      salt - 1 tsp
      • wash and soak the dal and  idly rava saperately for 6 hrs or over night.

      • Grind the soaked the dal buy adding little water until it get the consistency of pancake batter.
      • Now sqeeze out the water fron rava and mix with the grinded dal batter .(better should in the consistency of pancake batter)

      • cover it and let it ferment it in warm place for ateast 8 hrs .
      • After it is fermented , add salt and mix it well .
      • Now the idly batter is ready .
              We can make soo many recipes with this batter . They all  are yet to come ...
      Note :
           - Can store batter in refrigerator for 1 week or freeze it for 2 months.


      Ingredients :

      Minapappu / Urad dal - 1cup
      Idly rava - 2cups
      Salt - 1tsp

      • Wash and soak dal and rava saperately for alteast 6 hrs . Over night is even better .
      • Drain the water from the dal and grind  it until if froms like pancake batter by adding water little by little.
      • Now drain the rava and squeeze out the water from the rava completely and gring it until the consistency of pancake batter .(don't add any water while grindingg the rava becasuse it already absorbed lot of water )

      • Now mix both the grinded dal and rava mixture and place it in warm place to femant it for atleast 8 hours or over night .
      • Fermented batter contains bubbles like this.(you can see lot of bubbles on top of the batter)
      • Now add 1tsp of salt to the batter and mix well.

      • Put the idly pot on the medium flame and pour some water into it .(not more than 1/2" from the bottom)
      • Meanwhile take the idly  plates and appy oil to each mould and place batter in each mould .

      • Carefully place the plates in to the idly pot and close the lid .
      • Now increase the heat to high . when u see steam comming out , reduce the heat to low and let till cook  for 10 minutes . After 10 minutes switch off the flame and let it cool for some time .

      • Open the lid and care fully . Here are my perfectly cooked idlyes

           Carefully remove the idlyes from the plates with spoon.

                                  Let me see which combination i like most
                                   idly with sambar / idly with allam pachadi
                         serve idly with sambar / allam chutney /coconut chutney / karam with ghee......
                 -   I did idly in pressure cooker .
                 -  To do idly i pressure cooker you should take off the whistle(weight) while cooking.
                 - You should use gascut while cooking .(only weight should be removed).
                 - My rava is very course so i grinded rava . If your rava is very fine then you can add soaked       rava to the grinded dal .
                 - For fermenting the batter i put the batter in the oven or even can put in the mocrowave.


          Sambar / Lentil soup


          Kandipappu  / toor dal -1cup
          Sambar powder - 2 tbs
          Chintapandu / Tamarind - 1 lemon size ball
          Carrots -2 medium size
          Mullangi / parsnip - 1 small piece
          Sorakaya / bottle gourd - 1small piece
          Onion - 1big
          Tomato - 1 big
          Green chillies - 3
          Turmeric -1/2 tsp
          Red chilli powder - 1tsp
          Salt - 11/2 tsp
          Oil - 1tsp

          For tempering :

          Mustard seeds - 1tsp
          Split black gram - 1tsp
          Jeera -1/2tsp
          Whole red chilli - 1
          Oil - 1tbs

          • Wash and put the dall in pressure cooker by adding 3 cups of water and 1/2tsp of turmeric powder on medium flame until 6 wistles or until the dall is completely cooked.

          • Cut the carrots,bottle gourd, parsnip , onion , tomato in bite size pieces and slit the green chillies .

          • Heat 1 tsp of oil in pressure pan on medium heat . Once the oil is how add the slit green chilles and saute them for 10 secs (by doing this green chillies will spread their aroma) . Now add chopped onion and saute them until they turn pink colour .

          • Add copped tomatos and saute it and cover it and cook it until tomato pieces turn soft and mushy . It took me just 2 mintues.

          • Now add  the carrot , parsnip , bottle gourd pieces and saute once again . once they all are mixed well add water to it until all the veggies are covered .

          • Cover it with lit and cook it until 1 wistle . And let it cool completely .
          • Now mash the cooked dall until smooth and add the cooked veggies and bring it to boil on medium flame .

          • Add 1/2 cup of water to the tamarind and put it in the microwave for 1 minute .
          • When it tamarind is cooled little bit , extract all the juice from it.
          • Now add the extracted tamarind juice , sambar powder , salt , chilli powder to the boiling dal and veggie mixture.

          • Now do the tempering buy heating 1tbs of oil in a small skillet on medium flame . Once the oil is hot add the mustard seeds , split black gram , jeera , whole red chilli . Once they start popping , add the tempered mixture to the boiling dal mixture. Now check for the final seasoning .

                    Tadaaaaaaaa sambar is ready.

                     Serve it with rice , idly , upma , vada ........
                  - For measuring I used rice cup .
                  - You can use other veggies like okra , brinjal / egg plant , munakaya , cucumber ......
                  - Instead of using one big onion you can use small pearl onions also .
                  -  I cooked the veggies in perssure cooked , you can also do it in sauce pot.
                  - I never peel any veggies always cook them whole , If you don't like you can always peel .

          Allam pachadi / Ginger chutney

          Ingredients :

          Allam / Ginger - 2" piece
          Minapappu / Urad dal  - 2tbs
          Senagapappu /Chana dal - 2tb
          Yendu mirapakayalu / whole red chillies - 8-10
          Jeera - 1tbs
          Daniyalu / Coriander seeds -11/2 tbs
          Menthulu / Fenugreek seeds -1/2 tsp
          Bellam / Jaggery - 1" piece
          Chinta pandu / Tamarind  - lemon size ball
          Salt 1tsp
          oil - 1tbs

          For tempering :

          Mustard seeds - 1tsp
          Split black gram - 1tsp
          Jeera - 1/2 tsp
          Whole red chilly -1
          Oil - 1tbs

          • Heat oil in skillet on medium heat .

          • Add chenna dal and fry it until golden borwn  colour .

          • Next add Urad dal and fry till it get some color to it

          • Now add the coriander seeds , jeera , fenugreek seeds all together and fry till you smell the delicious aroma of the spices .

          • Next add the red chillies and fry for few seconds.

          • Take it off from the heat and add chopped ginger and let it cool completely.

          • Once the fried mixture is cooled , transfer it the mixie and ground  it to corse powder .

          • Take a microwave safe bowl , put the tamarind in it and add 1/2 cup of water to it and microwave it for 1 minute.

          • Now add tamarind ang jaggery to it puree it to a smooth paste .

            • Paste should look like this.

            • Now do the tempering . You can do the tempering in same skillet that is used for frying the above dalls....

            • add oil to the skillet and let it heat on medium heat . Once the oil is hot add all the mustard seeds , split black gram , jeera , red chilli  . When they start popping add the pureed mixture to the skillet . Try to take out all the mixture by adding water to th mixie jar .

            • ADD salt and let it cook for 1 minute .

                  Allam chutney taste the best with idly , dosa or any other breakfast items.

                   - You can always adjust salt and chillis according to your taste . If you don't like little sweetness that jaggery gives , you don't have to add it .
                   -  Can store this allam pachadi in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks .