Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pappu churu

"Pappu charu" the cousin of Sambar .
Pappu charu is very light and easliy digestable . It taste much better in cold winter nights and is very comforting  .

Recipe :

Pappu charu follows almost the same recipe of Sambar except that pappu charu  dosent have 'Sambar powder' in it . One less ingredient makes soo much difference in taste and aroma .

Serve Pappu charu with rice , ghee and with some vadiyalu or papad , chips ......

Pappu charu with rice and vadiyalu


  1. Looks yummy .. i love this so so so much..

  2. Looks Inviting!

  3. looks so yummy,,my fav
    hey awards waiting for u in my blog,,plz accept them...