Tuesday, February 2, 2010

vellulli karam / garlic chilly powder

Ingredients :

 Red chilly powder - 11/2cups
Garlic - 1whole head
Salt - 1tsp

  • Separate the cloves from the garlid head .( need to peel the garlic cloves)
  • Put all the chilli powder , garlic , salt a clean mixie jar and pulse it until all the garlic cloves to are finely minced .

  • Now transfer it to the clean and dry air tight container .

  • Smells and taste great upto 3 months .
      - Can always add garlic according to your taste .
      - No need to refrigerate the garlic chilly powder .
      - If you want to freeze it , put it in a ziplock bag and seal it by taking off all the air and put it in freezer .
      - In our culture for new moms(after delivary) are fed with this for 3 days with rice and ghee .