Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple pasta dish

                                 Dinner in just 10 minutes!!!!


Pasta : 1/2 box(any kind)
Marinara sauce - 2cups
Garlic cloves - 2
Oil - 1tbs
  • In a big pot , bring water to a roaring boil  and add salt to it .

  • Add pasta to to the boiling water and stirr it once so that pasta does'nt stick while cooking .

  • Mean while take oil in a skillet and heat it on medium flame . When oil is hot , add chopped garlic and saute it for few seconds (make sure it dosent burn) .

  • Now add marinara sauce to the fried garlic and let it simmer for 5 minuts or until it thickens little bit .

  • Now add the cooked pasta to the marinara sauce and mix it well .

  • Seve it steaming hot.

      - I used angel hair pasta . can use any shape of pasta .
      - For more richer taste , srinkle some cheese just before serving .
      - If you want to make it spicy , add some crushed red chillies to marinara sauce .


  1. Easy & seems really very delicious too

  2. Wow.. simple and surely yummy :)

  3. simple and delicious pasta,,nice clicks ...

  4. Wow!Simple dish in just 10 minutes! Lovely pictures .It is tempting me to eat.

  5. wow looks yummy...i love spagetti with marinara sauce

  6. Very nice pic drooling now :-)

  7. Looks easy and yummy..following you..

  8. Paasta looks so yumm and tasty very tempting !!! first time here love your space...Happy to follow you!!!